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Prof Andrew McGettrick

Emeritus Professor


Tel : +44 141 548 3589



BSc (hons) in Pure Mathematics, University of Glasgow
PhD in Pure Mathematics (Number Theory), Cambridge
Diploma (distn) in Computer Science, Cambridge (Peterhouse)

2005 SIGCSE Award for Lifetime Service presented at the 36th SIGCSE Technical Symposium held in St. Louis, Missouri, February 23-27, 2005.

Honorary degree of D Univ from Open University, conferred in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 28th May 2005.


Royal Society of Edinburgh, ACM, BCS, IET

Research Interests:
Software engineering, in particular formal methods in support of safety critical systems

Use of computers in support of teaching and learning
Quality issues in higher education

Research Affiliations:
EPSRC reviewer
Associate editor of the Computer Journal
Reviewer for IEEE Software
Reviewer for Research Councils in Australia and the Swedish Council for the renewal of Undergraduate Education

Chair of ACM Education Board and Education Council 2007 - present
Vice-President (Qualifications and Standards) BCS 2004 = present
Computer Science series editor for Taylor and Francis
Member of UK Engineering Council
Member of UK Science Council
Chair of Committee producing UK Computing Benchmarking Reports

Assorted Recent Publications:
Peter Denning and Andrew McGettrick, Re-centering Computer Science, presentation at the ICER conference (sponsored by the US National Science Foundation), being held in Stanford University in California, January, 2006.

Andrew McGettrick (moderator), Eric Roberts, Dan Garcia, Chris Stephenson The Beauty, the Wonder and the Awe of Computing, Special session to be held in Portland, Oregon, at the SIGCSE Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, Portland, Oregon, March 2008.

Lillian Cassel, Gordon Davies, Andrew McGettrick, et al Report of the ITiCSE working group - Using a Computing Ontology for Educational Purposes, published in Inroads, December 2007.

Andrew McGettrick, Grand Challenges and related issues, Keynote address to the seventh HEA Computing Conference held in Dublin on 28th August 2006

Andrew McGettrick, Software reliability and testing, in the Wiley Online Encyclopedia on Quantitative Risk Assessment edited by Frank Cooleen and Lesley Walls, 2007.

Andrew McGettrick, Lillian Cassel, Mark Guzdial, Eric Roberts, The Current Crisis in Computing: What are the Real Issues?, special session at the SIGCSE 07 Conference, Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, held in Kentucky, March 2007

Peter J. Denning and Andrew McGettrick, Recentering Computer Science, Communications of the ACM, 48, (11), 15-19, 2005

Andrew McGettrick, Roger Boyle, Roland Ibbett, John Lloyd, Gillian Lovegrove, Keith Mander Grand Challenges in Computing: Education a Summary, The Computer Journal, 48 (1), 42-48, January 2005

Andrew McGettrick, The Future of Computing - One Perspective, Public Service Review, September 2006

McGettrick, A. D. and Traynor, O. Program Verification in a Transformational Environment proceedings of the 18th Australasian Computer Science Conference pp.389-398, volume 17, no. 1, February, 1995

McGettrick, A. D. and Mansor, Normashida Standards and Levels - A Case Study paper presented at the Tenth Annual Conference on Assessing Higher Education, held in Muliara Beach, Penang Island, Malaysia, July, 1998, Paper also accepted as one of the best and published in the AEHE journal.

Ferguson, J., McGettrick, A. D. and Smeed, D. N. Academic Standards in a Virtual University CAL '99 Conference, The Institute of Education, London, UK 28-31 March, 1999.

Ferguson, J., McGettrick, A. D. and Smeed, D. N. Quality Issues in a Virtual University the IASTED International Conference on Computers and Advanced Technology in Education (CATE'99) held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US, May 5 -8, 1999.

Assorted Other Publications:
McGettrick, A.D., Traynor, O. and Duffy, D. Verification aspects of the PROSPECTRA project, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, no. 680, pp.129-144, published 1993.

A.D. McGettrick, et al Computer system design and software engineering, Chapter seven in 'The Safety of Operational Computer Systems' final report of the study group on the safety of operational computer systems, ACSNI Committee of the Health and Safety Commission, published by the Health and Safety Commission, 1998.

McGettrick, A. D. and Mansor, Normashida Standards and Levels - A Case Study published in Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education,pp.131-140, volume 24, no. 2, 1999.

Oddur Bennediktsson, Robin Hunter and Andrew McGettrick, 'Processes for Software in Safety Critical Systems', Journal for Software Process Improvement and Practice, volume 6, issue 1, 47-62, 2001.

Curriculum Guidance:
Involved in the joint ACM /Computer Society Committees producing curricular guidance:

Computer Science 2001
Software Engineering 2004
Computer Engineering 2004
Overview volume 2006

Co-chair of the committee producing the interim report Computer Science 2008